PUT this ON对几个主要男装论坛,博客的描述

原文:Q and Answer: Where Can I Get Good Advice on Men’s Style?

这是一篇很有意思的给读者的回信,除了Style Forum,PTO还一一概述了AAAC(Ask Andy About Clothes),SF(SuperFuture)论坛,以及The London Lounge这样的知名博客的特点,生动,准确,有趣。

比如在提到Reddit的MFA(male fashion advice)时,“along with some good advice there’s some, uhm, less good advice”。

There are other clothing fora out there. Ask Andy About Clothes is generally a more positive place than Style Forum, but it also has a more conservative, traditional aesthetic. It’s also full of great people and information, but caters to an older, more classic American crowd, rather than the sharper Italianate and British-inspired looks you’ll see on Style Forum. The London Lounge is pretty amazing, but it focuses on bespoke clothing, which I’m guessing you’re not in the market for. The Fedora Lounge has some interesting information on hats and vintage clothes, but it also has a lot of… cosplayers. Reddit has a Fashion Advice forum, but along with some good advice there’s some, uhm, less good advice. SuperFuture has a lot of brand fetishists and tight-pants wearers, but it can be a valuable resource, especially for denim.

当然,文中也提到了我很喜欢的An Affordable Wardrobe。


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