Allen Edmonds被收购了,买家是个卖女鞋的公司

原文:Allen Edmonds Bought by Caleres

Allen Edmonds一直是高性价比男鞋的代表品牌,最近以2亿5500万美金被Caleres收购,Caleres是一家专注于女鞋品牌的公司。

鉴于广大粉丝对于品牌前景的担忧,CEO Paul Grangaard最近在As Andy About Clothes论坛做了以下表述:

“Our strategies will stay the same but grow, and the team is all staying in place. Caleres bought us because of what we could do with them, not what they could do to us…So the changes you’ll see will be those of intensifying who we are and what we do in good ways — more marketing and customer development because of their longer term time horizon.


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