Fuck Ivy

Mark McNairy, J. Press的前设计师, 同时也创有以自己名字命名的品牌,和众多街头品牌,美式复古品牌有过众多合作,其实不需要我来介绍的一个设计师,最近准备出书了,名字是 “F**k Ivy… And Everything Else,” ,会在来年的2月发行。

Ivy-style.com介绍这本书时,标题写的是We’re F**ked,内文言语之间也透露着对MM的不屑一顾,挺有意思的。

如书本封面可见,Nick Wooster给这本书做了序。

The renowned designer’s views on dressing and behaving well: Ivy League meets street, sartorial rules are made and broken in this must-have style guide for traditionalists and hipsters alike, filled with Mark McNairy’s humorous, sometimes snarky, spot-on observations. With a Foreword by Nick Wooster.
Supported by a powerful cult following of dedicated, fashion-forward men around the globe, designer Mark McNairy has risen from an under-the-radar favorite to a driving force in contemporary style. His collection of menswear and footwear, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, is defined by a strong sense of sartorial history with an eye fixed on the future; a unique style that reflects the designer’s vast knowledge of American and English tailoring tradition and complete dedication to craftsmanship and his insistence upon messing it up a bit.
With McNairy, irreverence rules, and in this definitive book, his fresh take on traditional menswear is displayed in full force. At once a style guide that provides invaluable tips for today’s men, it is also, like his clothing and accessories, a witty riff on the Ivy League look.
Showcasing a mix of vintage fashion and film images that reference traditional menswear and style icons like Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood; examples of streetwear and McNairy’s clothing; and advertising and pop culture references, F–k Ivy and Everything Else is a visual treat from spread to spread, packed with solid sartorial advice and cheeky humor.

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